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30 décembre 2013 1 30 /12 /décembre /2013 09:49


If you follow Tesla’s performance in public markets you’re no doubt aware of the ongoing bull versus bear battle between analysts who follow the company how to quit smoking.

While analysts from major investment banks like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America typically disagree (to a certain extent) on future price targets for stocks, it’s much rarer for analysts to be totally split on if a company’s stock will go up or down.

And this is just what’s happening with Tesla. Out of 24 analysts who publicly disclose their Tesla forecasts, eight say you should buy the stock or that it’s overweight (meaning they think it will go up), and eight think it’s underweight or you should sell it (meaning they think it will go down). And eight more just say to hold — essentially saying it will perform similarly to the overall market.

Specifically, the lowest price target from the group is $155 from Cowen, and the highest is $464 per share from Berenberg Private Network.

The average of these targets is $281.79, which is still a lot lower than the current price of $327.09 that the stock settled at after a 7 percent drop today街貨量 窩輪 .


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