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26 novembre 2009 4 26 /11 /novembre /2009 09:16

Time always plays some kind of cosmic joke, erasing the memories of those happy moments in life and leaving the wound that refuses to be healed. This blog is for for those fleeting moments, to remember, to forget...

With enough drama, convincing and cooing, my son finally fell into sleep. His breathing deepened and evened out into a slow rhythm. Besides him, two grow-ups--my husband and I---sprawled out on the bed, too exhausted to make another movebeautyexchange.


"Your mother is a superwoman.” Five minutes later, my husband finally managed to say.

“Thank you to notice that.” That’s all I could reply.


My mother is a superwoman, definitely. We spend only two days a week to take care of our diabolic little son, and two days later both of us have always been deflated, frustrated, and completed frazzled by a situation where we needed every edge we could get, and all the creativities we could use. However, my dear mum is taking care of two babies---my son and my nephew—on her own--- at five days a week. How could she manage that? It’s always a wonder to me, to everyone around us.


After I weaned my son and went back to work, my mother found her whole life immediately revolving around these two wiggling, howling little human. I wanted to hire a helping hand to relieve her of some burdens, but this iron-willed woman refused ferociously. She claimed that she would be extremely uncomfortable if any stranger steps into her life and they would do nothing to help but get in her way. Therefore she spend all day rocking infants, changing diapers, holding bottles, letting a dimpled little hand clutch one of her fingers while tottering first steps were made. She picks them up when they demand for hugs, taking them to the nearby amusement when they are bored; rocking them back and forth, reassuring them when they wake in panic. When they got sick, they would be swamped by her maternal fussing, enveloped by it. Days turned to be weeks, and weeks to months, little infants have grown up to toddlers. They would stumble into any troubles you can imagine, and it is better to keep a weather eye on them. Still it’s she who keeps them safe, disciplines them. Gradually, Nanny has become the first important person in their world. Whenever they saw dear Nanny, they would run squealing to her, struggling for her attentions 註冊公司 脫癦.


And just two minutes before, my super mum called. She kept fussing me over and tired to bulldoze me to the hospital because I have a cold recently. Dear mum, you are always worried about the others, but please spare some time for you. I am also afraid for you because I don’t know if we could live without the warmth you folded about us.



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