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20 juin 2008 5 20 /06 /juin /2008 07:05

The book is the vast sea, I'm maritime a small boat. Though I invite and visit in the arms of the sea all day, the ones that can not finish reading the sea are vast and deep. Therefore I understand: It is ultimate for world to have, knowledge have no limits, it studies to be to stand upright tide wise choice of hair in the future.

Fragile wing trials and hardship of standing, bring up when being lonely cold dark, congeal resolute and persistent physique only, could let me write freely and easily heartily freely and beautifully.

We trend towards the conduct in this voyage from days of old in life, run in the frustration, the alunite shelf in the setback, sorrow twines all over whole body, the agony floats a place. We are tired, but have no way of stopping having a rest; We are bitter, but can't avoid.

If the soul garden is closed, the friendly river will stop flowing, the happiness will leave you; We only open the friendly gate, go to accept everything in this world, know the stream ding-dong in the garden of the life, fragrant bird's twitter of flower, Spring is very much in the air, our life will be full of happiness.

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